Woman Evicts Her Brother And His Mistress After They Fail To Pay Her Rent For 5 Months


Things can get complicated fast between family members when one feels like they’re taking care of the other. One woman recently wrote on Reddit that she stepped up to help out her brother after he was caught having an affair, but she’s starting to regret the decision.

The woman shares that her brother’s mistress began living in a rental that she owns. Unfortunately, the mistress has never paid rent, and now the woman is thinking about evicting her.

The woman says her brother’s wife caught him cheating.

“My brother (51m) his mistress (47 F) Niece (1yr),” the woman began. “Back story, my brother had a affair on his wife. They have 5 kids. After quitting his job and they moved in with his in-laws. My brothers mistress got pregnant. She Decided to quit her job. She was evicted from her previous rental. Leaving my niece homeless.”

She was under pressure to help them out.

“My brothers wife decided to try and work things out,” she continued. “I ended having a lot of family pressure to allow my Brothers mistress and my niece move into my rental. To try and create a stable environment for my niece.”

It seemed like things would work out at first.

“Eventually I agreed to allow them to move in with a couple of conditions. 1. Pay $500 each month. Most of it goes to the cost of the utilities. 2. No dogs. The mistress quickly agreed. Since the rent is extremely cheap and let us know she will be starting her new job soon.”

It sounds like they aren’t interested in ever paying rent.

“The first month I received half the rent,” the woman explained. “Then the last 5 months nothing at all. It’s become a burden for me to keep them there. I am working additional hours to cover the expenses. My brothers mistress never went to work. I have tried and tried to talk to them. Trying to work things out. It’s going no where.”

So she decided to kick them out.

“I gave his mistress a 30 day notice to move. During that time I found out she is pregnant with baby #2. My brothers wife kicked him out and he moved into my rental with his mistress. They didn’t leave after the 30 days. They ignored my attempts to talk to them. So I served a 5 day notice. Still no reply. So I went to the court and filed for an eviction.”

Her family is split.

“Since they were served my phone has not stopped. Just about every family member has called upset. My dad told me to finish it. He feels like my brother needs to ‘man up’ and take care of his kids. Both from his wife and mistress. My dad told me to put my kids first.”

Her mom is coming for her hard.

“My mom however is livid. She told me that I would be responsible if my niece and the new baby will be taken away from cps. She said my kids are old enough to understand mommy working extra hours in the name of ‘supporting family’. She feels like I should continue working over time and paying for their expenses until the new baby arrives in 7 months.”

Now the woman wants to know if she’s wrong.

The woman is curious: Is she in the wrong here?
The people of Reddit think she has done more than enough. One person replied, “If your mom feels like the mistress and kids should be ‘supported’ why can’t they move in with her? It is not your job to provide a stable environment and foot the bill for kids that are not yours. You’ve done it long enough, it’s time for your brother and his mistress to get their shit together.”