WATCH: Megyn Kelly Rips Actor Will Smith Over Excuse For Why He Slapped Chris Rock


SiriusXM podcaster Megyn Kelly has heard actor Will Smith’s statement for why he smacked fellow actor and comedian Chris Rock at this year’s Academy Awards, and she isn’t buying it.

Specifically, she ripped smith for blaming “childhood traumas when they behave badly” following his “apology tour” after slapping Rock in March.

The Daily Wire noted:

During a recent episode of Sirius XM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast, the host was speaking with the guys from the “Ruthless” podcast about Smith sharing how he’s had to “forgive” himself for the slap because “hurt people hurt people” and more.

“I’m just sick of these Hollywood people thinking we give a damn about their childhood traumas when they behave badly,” Kelly exclaimed. “Just say you’re sorry, and people either will forgive or they won’t. Go tell it to your therapist, go sit on the damn sofa, for the guy who charges $700 an hour and work it out with him.”

“I don’t give a s***,” she added. “You assaulted a guy and humiliated him who was just standing there doing his job for what? For nothing. To boost your own ego. So [I] don’t really care about your self-analysis or how hard it’s been for you to forgive yourself. I just want you to be humble.”

“What I object to is this Hollywood elitist multimillionaire, like, you can see the light bulb over his head…” the former Fox News host added. “You’re no better than anybody else. In fact, you appear to be quite worse than a lot of the people who are out there digging ditches every day and driving buses every day. And despite the fact that they’ve had a s*** ton of childhood trauma, don’t go around abusing other people!”