Three Girls Start Playing The Violin, But The Dance Moves Have Them Going Nuts


You don’t have to tune into America’s Got Talent to witness some of the most talented acts on the planet. As a matter of fact, you simply have to watch a YouTube video of the young generation taking their crafts and turning them into something viral and wowing audiences all over the world! Three girls, who pride themselves on being experts at the violin, have launched a new twist to the song “Cotton-Eyed Joe” on stages across the country. Not only are they violin masters, but they’ve got the dance moves to go along with their maestro playing. In essence, these girls are fun to watch! Between their synchronized choreography and stroking the fiddle with finesse, they never miss a beat with the harmony of their feet and their music.

Once the three girls line up and take the stage, they coordinate the song with a line-dancing rendition with a jaw-dropping ability. Audiences are left with smiles and tapping feet and that’s exactly what these youngsters had wanted. With all of their dedication and work involved to make this performance happen and succeed, it’s taken numerous hours of practice to ensure that they are on point and ready to entertain. The lead violinist, Hillary Klug, doesn’t shy away from her commitment to her artistry. She began playing at age 8 and shows no signs of stopping. Now a full-fledged teenager, Hillary is so skilled at her violin and dance mix that she sells out to audiences both nationally and on the international stage. In addition, Hillary continues to make videos of her music and dancing in order to keep entertaining her followers and bringing some joy to the YouTube viral world.

If you’re familiar with the “Cotton Eyed Joe” song and composition, you’ll understand how difficult it can be to learn a cover of the music and add some fancy footwork to the tune on top of that. Hillary and her two other maestros have brought audiences some truly effective reasons to feel entertained. Considered to be triplets when they take the stage with their infectious smiles, there’s nothing quite like these three performers and how they showcase their mastery. Whether you’re a fan of country music or not, you’ll be tapping your feet live and in person, or dancing along in the privacy of your home. Either way, playing the “Cotton Eyed Joe” in tandem with dance moves is no easy task. Heck, playing the fiddle for many adults doesn’t come easy either. The mere fact this trio does what they do is hailed by video watchers and in-person audiences all over the world. These girls get it and they’re spreading the musical love for all to enjoy and appreciate.