One Woman’s Office Note Goes Viral. We Bet You’ll Laugh Just Like We Did!


It’s common to see a refrigerator in the break room of an office, and it’s usually a pretty handy thing to have. Employees typically take advantage of the appliance by storing their lunch, snacks, drinks, and a variety of other items inside. Some people though, don’t seem to know, or care, what is theirs and what belongs to someone else.

It would be frustrating to say the least if you had stored something in the refrigerator only to go get it and find it empty or missing. As was the case with one woman who shared an office, and refrigerator, with her co-workers.

She kept a coffee creamer bottle in the refrigerator and when she’d check on the bottle, it always had less in it than she remembered. Finally, in frustration with the carelessness and rudeness of her fellow workers, she left a note on the bottle.
The note read, “Good morning! To whomever has been enjoying my coffee creamer all week….Surprise!” Her co-worker was in for a big shock when they finished reading the rest of the note. The note went on to say this, “You’ve been drinking my breast milk. Hope you’ve enjoyed. Cheers!”
Maybe whoever drank it didn’t mind at all, but it’s likely they didn’t enjoy the surprise! Whether the bottle was really full of breast milk, we may never know. But it’s outrageously funny either way. Funny enough that the note has gone viral and people had plenty to say about it.
Several people commented that they thought it was funny, while one person commented that the ultimate comeback would be to leave a note attached to the original note that said, “Refill please.” Now that, would be funny!