Kirstie Alley Dies at 71: She Was ‘Blessed’ and ‘Lucky’ to Spend Her Last Years With Her Grandchildren.


Kirstie Alley died at the age of 71 on Monday, December 5, 2022, shocking the world. Alley’s kids broke the news on her Instagram page and on their own, announcing her death.

Alley and her daughter, Lillie, uploaded a photo of themselves on a bicycle on their Instagram accounts. She grinned cheerfully into the camera, and the caption mentioned that she had died.

A similar statement was made on Twitter, except it was a copy of the lines used in the Instagram caption in this announcement. Fans and co-stars poured out their love and adoration for Alley in the comments area. Her children reported that she died peacefully with her family by her side following a brief struggle with cancer. Her adoptive kids described her as an amazing, strong, and caring mother.
The actress adopted 2 kids with her ex-husband, Parker Stevenson, and they praised Alley’s team of physicians for making their mom’s final days more bearable.

Alley’s friends, relatives, costars, and fans began sending their condolences shortly after her kids announced her passing. Many others spoke about how much of an influence she had on their lives.
Alley was a grandma of three before her death and flourished best when she was among her family. She frequently discussed what it meant to her to be a grandma and how much she adored her grandkids.
In June 2016, her first grandchild was born. Alley took to social media to welcome the birth of her son, Waylon Tripp Parker. Alley’s son and grandson were shown napping together in the post.

Alley took to Twitter two months after her grandson was born to share a photo of him wearing a diaper that looked to cover much of his body. Alley joked about her kid in the tweet, suggesting he required smaller diapers.

She frequently posted images of Waylon on social media, and she posted a snapshot of herself and her entire family celebrating Christmas in 2016. She joked that she never changed out of her pyjamas.
Alley has became a grandmother three times since her first grandson was born in 2016, with her most recent granddaughter born just last year. She frequently uploaded images of herself and her family having fun together.

Although she liked showing off her grandkids to the world, she was conscious of the toll it could take on her family if the public attacked them, so she kept her cool when she posted images of them. She posted a photo of her grandchild with the caption: “We live for THESE … we fight for THESE … children are our future.”
Her youngest grandchild is barely a few months old and will never meet her grandma. Alley was completely enamored with her kids and grandkids. Alley described being a grandma as “fortunate” and “lucky.”