How Many 3’S Are There In This Picture? Only 1% Of People Find The Correct Answer


How many 3’s are there in this picture? Only 1% of people find the correct answer

Recently, one of the tests that is driving social networks crazy iis a picture that asks you to find the number of threes that are in it. Although most people think this is very simple at first, in the end they all got the answer wrong and only a small percentage of people found out how many 3’s there actually are in the picture below.

If you too think you are smart and always answer logically, take this test and find out if you belong to the small percentage of smart people.How many triplets are there in this picture?

The correct answer is the 19th! If you were wrong, then it is because you did not count the threes that exist in the part of the clock, of the charge and in the part of the written word.