Elderly man filmed surprising his wife with flowers at airport has gone viral.


The airport is probably one of the most interesting places that you could ever be in – not because of the place itself, but because of the people who are in it.

When you’re in one, you are surrounded by individuals from all walks of life. The airport is also where the most heartbreaking separations and the most joyous reunions happen. A daughter moving to another country to build her new life, a soldier coming home after years of being away to finally be with his family – each person there carries a different story.

The story we have today is something that may or may not make you tear up. But don’t worry because either way, you’ll be crying because of something good.

After a few minutes, Bernard’s wife, Carolyn, finally arrived. Once they saw each other, the adorable pair just had the biggest smiles on their faces! They shared a few tight hugs and sweet kisses before the video ended. Judging from the clip, it’s clear that the romance between these two was still very much present.

It was later learned that Carolyn went on a two-week trip to Delaware to attend a wedding. Bernard must have missed her so much during her absence, that’s why he looked so excited to see her again when she arrived at the airport.

Bernard and Carolyn’s relationship is proof that it is never too late for anyone to find true love.

And more importantly, no one is ever too old to fall in love this much!