Buffalo Bills to Pay Damar Hamlin in Full Despite Injury Status


The Buffalo Bills announced that they will pay Damar Hamlin’s salary despite his injury status and honor him ahead of next Sunday’s game.

Hamlin was immediately placed on the injured reserve list after he collapsed from a cardiac arrest during the Jan. 2 broadcast of Monday Night Football. But the Bills have decided not to dock his pay for being on the injured list.

It is a little-known fact that NFL teams have the discretion to cut a player’s pay when they become injured unless the player has a specific clause in his contract preventing that.

Despite the ability of teams to cut pay, they are obligated for medical bills. So, Hamlin was never in any danger of having to foot the bills for his care.
Indeed, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Hamlin’s contract allows the Bills to cut his pay after being placed on the injured reserve list. However, the team and the National Football Players Association have agreed not to cut Hamlin’s pay through the Week 18 regular season.

The league is also encouraging the teams to honor Hamlin ahead of their last games this season. Players can wear a “Love for Damar 3” t-shirt during warmups, and the Bills have also distributed baseball caps to team members to honor the player.

Hamlin has made great strides in his recovery from his Jan. 2 cardiac arrest and was released from the hospital on Jan. 9.

The Bills safety has also posted several social media posts to encourage his team and let everyone know he is working on his recovery.

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