3-Year-Old Michael Jackson Impersonator Steals The Show With Jennifer Hudson!


This is the most adorable little boy to watch. A 3-year-old Michael Jackson impersonator steals the show with Jennifer Hudson.
Jennifer Hudson introduces a little boy who will be joining her on the show and tells us that she has a video of him preparing for the show. We suddenly see the precious 3-year-old on a phone saying, “Let’s go to the Jennifer Hudson show!” She welcomes Landon and his parents from Texas. The crowd cheers.

The proud parents walk out with their adorable son, who is dressed in a sparkly black Michael Jackson outfit. He high-fives Jennifer.

Jennifer begins to interview the toddler and asks Landon what he loves to do. He responds, “I like to play Michael Jackson.” They continue to talk and discover that Landon dresses up like Michael every day. A precious clip of him is shown dancing in their living room.


What is even more hilarious and adorable is that Landon is then shown in clips of him asking Alexa to play Michael Jackson and to even play particular songs that he likes at only the age of 3.

Landon then waves at the audience. Jennifer asks Landon if he will dance for them and he agrees. Then, the real fun begins as we see him dance and give his best dance moves. He kicks and grabs his hat and dances around. It is so cute.

Jennifer goes and dances with him, and she gives a gift to Landon. Their family is given a two-night trip to a waterpark resort. Jennifer says that she needs a hat, and he gives her his hat. They share a sweet hug. Watching this young boy is precious.