15 People Share The Phrase That Annoys The Most


Below, 15 people dish on the one phrase that drives them absolutely mad. While some may not bother you, others might be as bad as hearing nails on a chalkboard.

Let’s find out which ones!
#15. It still annoys me
“I‘m german. Whenever the ISS is mentioned on the TV the moderator says „Die internationale Raumstation ISS“ which translates to „the international space station ISS“ which means: „the international space station international space station“.

Yes, they probably do that because not everone knows what the ISS is but it still annoys me, especially when I was younger.”

#14. Doesn’t mean you get a free pass
“But she’s your moooooooother, but faaaaaaaaaamly, or something similar.

Just because we’re related by blood doesn’t mean you get a free pass to be ass.”

#13. Not right
“That triggers my OCD”

#12. Shut up
“Work Hard play hard. Sorry 1 trip paintballing a year doesn’t make up for 12 hour shifts as a slave in a collar.”

#11. Don’t even get me started
“You’re so domesticated” when I mention cleaning something or doing housework.

No you sexist turd I’m a grown fucking man, I have my own house and I can look after myself.”

#10. Your issue, not mine
“I am who I am and if you don’t like it, that’s your issue, not mine.” Variations of this is ALWAYS (in my experience at least) said by toxic people who seek to justify their shittiness with self-proclaimed individuality.”

#9. No-“Am I the only one … ?”

No. You are never the only one.”

#8. Being a father-“Are you babysitting today?”
“No, I call it being a father.”

#7. You have no idea-“I’m friends with dudes because they don’t start dramaaa.”

Yes we do. Yes we fucking do. You have no idea how petty and extra teenage boys are.”

#6. Stupid questions-“Me: “I can’t find my glasses”

Dad: “Where did you put it?”


#5. Fax my food-“There are starving kids in Africa”

Hang on let me just fax my food to them”

#4. It’s just not that simple-“Get over it.”

Sometimes it’s just not that simple, dammit.”

#3. This bratty little girl-‘ladies first’ because of a time in kindergarden where I didn’t get do anything because this bratty little girl was using it to skip my turn each time”

#2. Lord yes-“As a library worker… Library pronounced as libary.”

#1. On being sad-“People are dying and youre sad about this ?” Well yeah karen, Just because something is sadder doesnt mean I cant be sad about something else. Being sad is not something you fucking earn.”

I don’t know about you, but now I’ve got a few more to add to my own list!